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Don’t Miss Newton’s End-of-School Treasure Hunt  

June 20th to June 30th

Who: For kids ages 3 to 12. Treasure Packs will only be given out to children, and they must be accompanied by an adult throughout the hunt.

What: A really fun Treasure Hunt sponsored by some of Newton’s favorite independent businesses and organizations.

When: June 20th through June 30th. Start on any of those days and finish by June 30th. We recommend that you don’t try and complete the entire hunt in one day to avoid a belly ache!

Where: Start at Green Planet Kids where you will pick up your map and your first goodie. Then visit participating businesses and organizations any time during the event, in any order. Check out our poster below to see logos of our participating businesses and organizations.

Why: Congratulations on another great year of school! Bring is some schoolwork – we’d love to see an essay, math test, report card, art project, or anything else that you’re proud of!

How:  Starts at Green Planet Kids, 22 Lincoln Street in Newton Highlands. You will be given a Treasure Map, Clues and a Treasure Pack. Solve the clues, then travel around Newton and pick up your goodies! This can be done over several days, as long as you complete the hunt by June 30th.

Still have questions? Call Annabelle at Green Planet Kids @ (617) 332-7841.

We would love to hear your comments. Email us, please!

See you later this month, and tell your friends… this is going to be a blast!