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SamShamesNNHSSeniorNo, this is not an alien. This is Sam Shames suited up in his “Personal Protective Equipment,” better known as PPE around the shop. “Stay Safe!” says NNHS English Teacher Stephen Chinosi. First thing students have to do is to run through a safety course before entering this exciting science and enginerring program. Sam is working his Senior Project to build a better biodeisel reactor–better being more efficient, easier to use, and safer. Better because the students at North are already producing biodeisel fuel from the recycled cooking oil from the school cafeteria. Not quite like your average high school science project as I remember! I have to admit, I thought the Bunsen Burner was exciting.

There is more. Newton North students are also fortunate to be on the cutting edge by participating in the Mobile Algae Lab. With assistance from “Save that Stuff” and MIT Sea Grant, the Greengineers will work with the 53 foot trailer that houses the a mobile lab. The lab will eventually be a teaching model for cutting edge science and technology curriculum for regional schools. At North, students are already experimenting with algae production which is used to feed fish. I would say more but I’m already challenging my spell check. This is exciting stuff and you can read more on the Greegineers site. Questions:  greengineers1@gmail.com.


Greengineering 101Newton North is a comprehensive school that incorporates Technology Education. On Saturday, June 5, from 1 to 5 pm, the Newton Community is invited to say good bye to the old North building in an exciting celebration, “Bringing Down the House.” Stop by and tour the Lab.


Left to right students Brendan Hathaway and Sam Shames with teacher Stephen ChinosiGreenengineers





Sam Shames with his Senior ProjectSam with his senior project