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www.OurNewton.org is beginning to gain momentum. The purpose of the site is to help build social capital. Webster defines social as an ally, associate, and capital as a stock of accumulated goods, the value of these accumulated goods. If we think of Newton as a tapestry, OurNewton.org can help make this tapestry richer and more cohesive. For example, if you wish to find information about the history of Newton, you could search the site and find all the events scheduled in Newton on this topic.

Right now, the work is to encourage non-profit agencies who reach out to the city to register for the site and create an entry in the Guide. Those same agencies that are in the printed guide from city hall could be available on line. These agencies can also post calendar events and stories. Citizens can also post community events.

The site is volunteer driven and welcomes new members. The look of the site is a work in progress and we are open to suggestions. For now, go in and register and find the “Where is this in Newton?” pictures. Take a guess just for fun.