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Green Organizing With Space to Breathe

Green Organizing With Space to Breathe

Featured 5-Star Service Provider:
Space to Breathe, Karen Kramer
Professional Organizing Services for your home and office

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When you are planning a move, it is a good idea to leverage and find some help with organizing. In fact, even if you are not planning a move, you can benefit from Karen’s environmentally sensitive approach to managing your home and/or office space.

Hiring Karen Kramer was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  After moving between four different states over the last ten years and being a busy professional, I had a 2000 sq ft house that was totally cluttered.  I hated the idea of going through all the piled-up papers and boxes but Karen was right beside me all the way in her patient manner, keeping me on track.  We decluttered my entire house including the two-car garage in about six sessions.  I am now healthier, a lot happier, and am no longer wasting money buying duplicate items.  Plus, I saved so much by realizing I did not need remodeling – I just needed to organize what I had.  I use every room in my house now and feel so much more at peace when I am at home. ~Client Testimony Space to Breathe
Karen’s services include:
  • clear out clutter
  • create structure & systems to keep your “stuff” organized
  • manage the flow of papers in your home and office
  • create an efficient, smooth-running office space
  • find recycling resources
  • cultivate the habits necessary to keep things organized
  • manage time with priority given to your goals & values
  • manage stress
  • create appealing work and living spaces
  • learn and utilize feng shui basics
  • green organizing Click to learn how Green Organizing habits help achieve your goals while respecting the environment.

Karen says, “The technological revolution has stressed us all, bringing paper to overwhelm, information overload, and continual changes . . . all on a 24/7 basis!  Most of us were never taught organizing skills and strategies.  No wonder there’s too little time, too much clutter, and it’s so hard to accomplish our goals.” 

What is green organizing? One way to define it is “An environmentally-friendly approach to professional organizing, emphasizing the principles of Reduce, Re-Use, and Recycle.”  And whether one calls it Green Organizing, Eco-Organizing, or Earth-Friendly Organizing, “green” activities naturally come into play as I help my clients to simplify and balance their lives.

Karen is a professional organizer with a prior career as a psychotherapist, and a life-long love of organizing things.

Home Organizer Helps You to Learn How to Live With Intention!

Home Organizer Helps You to Learn How to Live With Intention!

Hallie Geller

Hallie Geller, Organizer with a difference!

I am so please to introduce you to Hallie Geller, a Home Organizer with a beautiful approach to the work of redefining your home space. Whether you are ready to pack or unpack or just need a new perspective, give her a call. She is a delight!


It is an honor to be welcomed into your home and I work to customize my services to fit your needs. I work to apply the values of simplicity every day in an effort to live a waste-free life.  My unique method of organizing involves both critical thinking and mindfulness. For me, the art of organizing is not a quick fix or superficial effort. Truly simplifying your space is a radical act that can have an impact on every level of your life. A clean, beautiful living space gives way to a clear and intentional head-space. And with that mindset, nothing can stand in your way.

No matter how big or small the project, I am here to help! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your organizing needs at 617-340-9570.


Ever since I was young I have had a passion for organizing and arranging spaces. What started as a hobby soon became a way for me to meaningfully give back to family and friends. Moreover, the executive functioning and organizing skills I teach are what helped me get into medical school and they are what help me thrive as an up and coming physician today. I am proud to offer my services as a home and personal organizer to the Greater Boston public.




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