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OurNewton.org Gets Shout Out in The Heights

“The Village People” is a an open committee under the auspices of The Mayor of Newton. A reporter from The Heights (Boston College press) attended and reported on the first quarter meeting.

OurNewton.org is a volunteer-run community website that publishes events and news all about Newton, MA. I have been involved in OurNewton.org for 9 years now along with many other volunteers and high school and college interns.

“A popular topic of conversation revolved around OurNewton.org, a one-stop website featuring news on events and initiatives from all 11 villages of Newton. The organization operates as a not-for-profit and volunteer-driven organization, where any visitor can request for their event to be listed under a specific calendar on the site—some calendars cover local business, some concern entertainment, and others have content geared specifically toward elders, teens, or parents of small children.

Janet Porcaro, hailing from Newton Corner (though she considers herself a Newtonville resident at heart), used her introduction to explain the site a little further.

“I’m a real estate agent, an adoring grandmother, and I am a secret geek,” she said. “So my thing is for the past nine years I have helped run OurNewton.org.”

She said that the site gets at least 600 hits a month (“easy”) and over 6,000 people receive the newsletter weekly, though she conceded she’s been a little off-schedule as of late.

The discourse delved into a discussion about the logistics of alternate calendar systems—one that could reach a wider audience and could also be more centralized. Ideas ranged from Facebook calendars to Google calendars, to even setting up a mass email list owned by the town—an idea shot down by Rice, who pointed out that the emails would be technically public information and could therefore be accessed by ne’er-do-wells.”  The Heights