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Dressing for Prosperity

Pros-per-i-ty n. the condition of being successful or thriving

A-bun-dance n. a more than plentiful quantity of something; a fullness of spirit that overflows; the abundance of art treasures in Florence

The ladies at Looks Clothing are ready to serve as your personal style coaches. To spend time in the shop is as refreshing as tea and cookies. The shop is continually stocked with fashions from local designers as well as those around the world, in a wide price range. I wear the items I own from Looks over and over and never tire of them. Because the ladies know my taste so well, in fact, they probably know my closet contents better than I do, they can recommend things that will freshen up my existing wardrobe. They have also taught me, over the years, which styles and cuts look best on me. Additional bonus, my husband feels very comfortable shopping and selecting gifts for me. I must say, this is a win-win situation in the marriage department. Finally, sometimes, when I need a break from the world, I will go for a visit to their little house of nirvana to browse for fashion inspiration and to enjoy the excellent company.

Looks Clothing is located at 2 Arrow Street in the charming Bow and Arrow District of Harvard Square.