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Hallie Geller

Hallie Geller, Organizer with a difference!

I am so please to introduce you to Hallie Geller, a Home Organizer with a beautiful approach to the work of redefining your home space. Whether you are ready to pack or unpack or just need a new perspective, give her a call. She is a delight!


It is an honor to be welcomed into your home and I work to customize my services to fit your needs. I work to apply the values of simplicity every day in an effort to live a waste-free life.  My unique method of organizing involves both critical thinking and mindfulness. For me, the art of organizing is not a quick fix or superficial effort. Truly simplifying your space is a radical act that can have an impact on every level of your life. A clean, beautiful living space gives way to a clear and intentional head-space. And with that mindset, nothing can stand in your way.

No matter how big or small the project, I am here to help! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your organizing needs at 617-340-9570.


Ever since I was young I have had a passion for organizing and arranging spaces. What started as a hobby soon became a way for me to meaningfully give back to family and friends. Moreover, the executive functioning and organizing skills I teach are what helped me get into medical school and they are what help me thrive as an up and coming physician today. I am proud to offer my services as a home and personal organizer to the Greater Boston public.




How it works:
1. Free Phone Estimate
2. Declutter and Donation Removal
4. Implement Organizing System
5. Follow Up
6. Troubleshoot/Tune Up