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Smooth Move: The Best Advice for Dog Owners on Moving Day

~from Guest Blogger – Cindy Aldridge, Author of OurDogs.org.

Crate.  If you plan to keep your dog in a crate or carrier for the move, it’s important for your pooch to be familiar with it ahead of time.  Don’t wait until moving day to introduce it.  Once Fido is comfortable with the crate, have him ride in it for short trips so he’s acquainted with the new traveling arrangement.

Tags.  Purchase new identification tags for your dog ahead of the move.  As some experts explain, with changing surroundings and people going in and out of the house, dogs can get confused and slip away.  Make sure your pooch is protected and wearing your new contact information on moving day.

Explore.  If possible, one suggestion is to go for leisurely walks in the new yard and neighborhood a few times before the move.  Remember, there will be a lot of interesting new sights and smells, so take your time and allow Fido to get acquainted with the surroundings.

Respite.  Sometimes, the most logical way to manage moving day is to hire someone to provide dog walking, dog boarding, or doggy day care services.  You’ll reduce stress and eliminate the worry of your dog slipping out during the chaos of the event, and give your dog a stable environment for the day.  Do your research and hire help through a reputable service such as Rover.

New home.  When you introduce your dog to the new home, unpack those familiar toys, beds and bowls for your pooch as soon as you can.  One recommendation is to set up items in as similar places as possible; if Fido expects his bowls next to the fridge, set them up next to the fridge.  Also be sure to adhere to his old routine, and praise him when he potties in appropriate places.  Even housebroken dogs sometimes make mistakes with the confusion of moving, so the affirmation from you will serve to lay a foundation for good choices.

Smooth as silk!  Moving with your dog is challenging, but with thoughtful preparation, it’ll go just fine.  Plan ahead, pack a little at a time, and remember to keep your cool.  Introduce new things gradually and maintain your dog’s routine.  With these simple strategies, the transition will be smooth and easy!

~by Guest Blogger – Cindy Aldridge, Author of OurDogs.org.

Photo by Andrew Pons