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The story of  Guilherme (Gilly) Assuncao is a magical story of a grocery store employee whose talent is discovered. With four months of the public recognition of his astounding singing talent, Gilly is on his way to Berkley School of Music on scholarship yet! Read the story on GoFundMe.com

I was there and I have been following Gilly and his career with eager anticipation. See the original video I took last December at Russo’s in Watertown. Follow Gilly on Facebook!

Navigating around the store can be a little precarious especially during the holiday season yet there is something I love about the community experience. Rushing to get my groceries at Russo’s in Watertown, I heard a beautiful voice from outside. Rushed over leaving my cart to find a man singing, Guilherme Assunção, a Russo’s employee. Many stopped what they were doing and listened in awe! This was an extraordinary moment, a gift, a lesson for every day life.

Photograph credit: http://www.wbur.org/news/2017/12/18/atc-russo-singer

Janet Porcaro, a realtor who stumbled upon Assuncao singing while shopping Saturday, said the performance took her breath away. Boston Globe

Janet Porcaro, a real estate agent who stumbled upon Assuncao singing while shopping Saturday, said the performance took her breath away.

“I heard the music and I thought, ‘That seems louder than just a record,'” she said. “And then I walked in and I could hear this incredible voice. I left my cart and left my bag, and people were circling around. Everybody just stopped. It was just so beautiful.” http://www.sfchronicle.com

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A visit to Russo’s Market is a treat where you will find produce from all over the world, a fantastic representation of global agriculture. Beautiful colors and aroma’s from the food, the flowers, and  the bakery or prepared food department. You may also enjoy great people watching.

Asparagus at Russo's

Produce at Russo's