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The first thing homeowners need to do is to step outside and evaluate the exterior. Before you do anything else, make a budget for your improvements.

How much should you invest in upgrading your landscape? Professionals recommend budgeting 10% of your home’s value. But the important thing to remember is that success doesn’t depend on how much you spend. “Landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive, just well planned,” says Carl Heldmann, author of “Be Your Own House Contractor.”~HouseLogic.com

Great Curb Appeal Begins with a Plan and Some Professional Assistance!

If you are looking for a great Landscaping Company to give a boost to your home’s curb appeal, I recommend you call Iraci Landscaping. When we needed serious stone work on our family home, Ieraci Landscaping came in with a fair price and did a smooth quality job… they were on-time and didn’t leave a mess! They even fixed a loose front stair as a courtesy. Ieraci is a well established local business and  I would highly recommend them.

IERACI LANDSCAPING has been a family owned business based in Newton for over seventy years and we are very proud of the outstanding services we continue to provide to our clients. MASONRY -All types of stone walls, retaining walls, patios, walkways, steps, etc. ~Ieraci Landscaping

Call me anytime you need a recommendation for a qualified home service provider. I have a database full of plumbers, painters, carpenters, masons and more–all with a proven track record.