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Boston Buyer’s Gobbling Up Inventory

Boston Buyers Gobbling Up Inventory Massachusetts October Heat Map for List Price by County

Boston is one of the best places in the country with a consistently strong housing market. Today’s sesseion of The Greater Boston Real Estate Board’s Economic Expectation Forecast for 2017 GBREB.org was packed with optomistic data setting us up for a strong housing market going into 2017. Jonathan Smokey, Chief Economist for Realtor.com gave a lively presentation especially for an economist as he more or less pointed out a few times.

Real Estate is a seasonal business

Boston Buyers Gobbling Up Inventory

October Median List Price by County

June, July, and August typically see about 75% of the real estate sales for the year. Then once school starts and the holidays kick in, we experience a decline in activity. NOT THIS YEAR! The market is strong although volume of inventory is a problem.

The Boston Market is “raging”

Smokey spoke of a “raging” market in Boston. Raging implies growth. A raging market is a dynamic one. If is fun but dangerous and shifting. Product mix is shifting. Demographics are shifting.

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