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Thomson Family AdventuresThomson Family Adventures is a family adventure travel company based out of Watertown on Mt. Auburn Street. Thomson Family Adventures is not an ordinary family vacation company. They create one-of-a-kind, high quality adventures to engage, entertain and educate families with children of all ages. Thomson Family Adventures was started by parents Judi Wineland and Rick Thomson because they wanted to take their kids on family vacations to places that were fun and interesting. They wanted to create an international travel environment that was safe and accommodating for children.
The family vacations that Thomson Family Adventures operate are diverse in interests, locations, and activities. They run trips to 19 different locations on five continents and also have a private and custom trip option that families can use to create their very own itinerary for anywhere in the world. Thomson Family Adventures has made a point of offering an array of trips that are good for families with any make-up: younger kids, teens, kids in their 20’s, and families traveling with grandparents. Traveling with a wide scope of ages has become a specialty for Thomson Family Adventures.

What makes Thomson Family Adventures unique is there dedication to working with local partners. When Thomson Family Adventures brings families to Costa Rica, the Galapagos Islands, Tanzania, or any of their other destinations, families are meeting local guides who have grown up and have a love and vested interest in the place they are. This is the best way for families to learn while also having fun!

Thomson Family Adventures also offers unique perks and services to the families that travel with them. One of those unique offers is a guaranteed departure. When a family books a vacation with Thomson Family Adventures their departure is guaranteed. Thomson Family Adventures was also the first to offer a Pen Pal program for younger travelers. There is no excitement like when a child makes a friend in a faraway place while on vacation!
Thomson Family Adventures is dedicated to providing excellent family vacation experiences to active families, cultural families, easy going families, or families that like a little bit of everything!

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