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Lauren and Terry First Time Home Buyers Extraordinaire!

Ebenezer Hancock

Terry as Ebenezer Hancock

A Fairy Tale Story of First Time Home Buyer Legents

Once upon a time, there lived a couple of newly weds. This couple woke up one morning and decided it was time to buy their first home. The couple was earnest in their work and devoted to each other. Lauren, the beautiful bride, is a graphic designer and the handsome groom, Terry, is currently engaged as an actor on The Freedom Trail. They started on the home buying adventure with cheerful spirits and optimistic visions about what their new home will look like.

The Journey Begins

First they scheduled a comprehensive consultation with their chosen Realtor and they carefully described their wish list for a single family home with a lovely yard in commuting distance to both jobs.  The handsome couple were also eager to listened to their Realtor has she explained what to expect during a real estate transaction. She fully educated them about the home buying process in Massachusetts.

The Search Begins

The happy couple wanted their first home to be in a price point they could comfortably manage. At the same time, they envisioned their home to afford them a certain quality of life.  After consulting with an excellent lender, they determined their price range and began their journey to explore the Greater Boston Area housing inventory. Their journey was long and sometimes challenging. They carried on without a grumble. After settling on a community, the search became more intense. Times were fierce in the late summer market. Beautiful homes would come on the market and sell faster than the blink of an eye. Did they get frustrated? Goodness no! They carried on fearlessly watching the homes coming on market, ready to strike.

Bump in the Road

One day they visited a home with their Realtor and thought to themselves, “This is a great house. We could live here.” At that moment, as they stood in the kitchen of this particular home, with a gentle ping, a text came to the Realtor’s phone. Not so gentle was the message, “The house has an accepted offer.” The couple shed a tiny tear and fluffed themselves up to continue their search. They knew in their hearts that their home would appear soon and would be better than the one they just lost.

A Dream Comes True

Sure enough, fairly soon indeed, the sweetest house appeared on a verdant patch of land in the kingdom of Framingham. After all the preparation, they were ready to make their first and final offer on the home of their dreams. It was a great day in the kingdom when they walked through their castle just before closing. No one could be happier than this lovely couple, except maybe their Realtor!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN3iV5qaKwU]