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Ice Dams: Facts for the Home Owner Ice Dam Described What do pantyhose and calcium chloride have in common?


The problem Drive down most any street in the Greater Boston area today (Feb 2015) and you see icicles hanging off houses everywhere. In my house, we have a leaks from ice dams and the leaks keep shifting. Our issues are minor but in many houses the situation is more severe with water pouring into the house. Solutions

  • First and foremost: find a professional. BE CAREFUL, USING A LADDER IF VERY DANGEROUS ESPECIALLY IN THIS WEATHER. (See below for one such company.) Ask your Realtor for a well referenced professional.
  • Calcium Chloride Pellets also known as pucks can be placed on the roof to help melt the ice without damaging the roof. Home Depot and Lowe’s are all sold out. Amazon.com has a product called Roof Melt.
  • We have a GREAT handyman/friend who gave us the best advice ever. Dan said to buy a 25 lb. bag of calcium chloride and fill some old panty hose with the stuff. Then put the panty hose on the roof. Guess what, I don’t wear pantyhose and Walgreens is almost sold out!

Read more about ice dams from the folks at University of Minnesota.  IceDamCompany.com for Bostonians. I’ve never worked with them but they have a great website. In the meantime, hope this is helpful! Janet