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Newton North High School, Newtonville, MA

457 Walnut Street
Newtonville, MA 02460
(617) 559-6400

Newton North PTO

 “My third/last child graduates this year. We’ve had excellent experiences our entire ten years at North. Teachers are totally dedicated. The size/diversity of the school mean that a variety of courses can be offered & even students who are not “typical” are able to find compatible friends. Kids are able to take advantage a wide range of subjects – often taught at different levels, “hands-on” classes such as culinary & greengineering, language instruction such as Chinese up to the AP level & many other AP level classes. My kids were able to participate in band, athletic teams, science team, chess club & robotics team. There are international exchange programs, varied clubs & an excellent drama program. For my son with special needs (ASD), North was clearly the right place for him – Guidance & Special Ed were team members with us from the spring before 9th grade until the day he graduated & beyond. He was given accommodations & a facilitator who helped him organize & stay on schedule for assignments & was also an intermediary between him & his teachers. A room was available anytime for him to get help w/ work or decompress. North was absolutely a positive for my 3 very different kids. 
—Submitted by a parent” ~GreatSchools.org


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