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Harwich Port, MA – Rated 2nd Happiest Seaside Towns by Coastal Living

Boating in Harwich Port

Boating in Harwich Port

Cape Cod is the great summer escape for Bostonians and the International vacationers as well. Harwich Port is my favorite mid-Cape destination. Beaches are clean and white with warm water swimming with water temperatures averaging 70 degrees starting about July into September when temperatures change seasonally.

There is something for everyone in Harwich Port, which is a village city much like Newton, MA, with seven villages. The town slogan, “Three harbors, one Port.”  Shores lines are dotted with boaters, fishermen, and windsurfers.  rivers leading to harbors are ideal for kayaking. Local shops and restaurants are many and varied. Fresh produce is available through the P&D Fruit Stand as well as through the local farms.  And if you have ever been to Harwich, you will remember the Sunday School, epitome of the old fashion atmosphere found in this colorful seaside haven.

Wichmere Harbor

Wychmere Harbor

Find our 2013 annual list of the best places to live on the coast, ranked by you! And the winners are…|By Tracey Minkin

2. Harwich Port, Massachusetts

Quiet, charming, and nostalgic: That’s the tone struck in this upscale village of 1,644 locals along Cape Cod’s southern shore. “The Port,” as it’s known, has been the home of seamen and fishermen since before the American Revolution, and sea captains’ homes still dot the streets.

Summers in Harwich Port, one of seven villages in the city of Harwich, are distinctly old-fashioned, with music strolls, band concerts, and crafts and art guild shows livening the scene, while the warm waters of Nantucket Sound offer carefree swimming. Nearby Red River Beach is a favorite with easy access for boaters, plus ice-cream truck visits. 

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Harwich Port Center

Harwich Port Center