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Walk into just about any open house in Newton these days and chances are you will see lots of activity.  Judging by the activity, one would say the market is booming. But seeing is not necessarily believing. Real estate professionals rely on market data to define market conditions.  The numbers tell us that market performance in Newton in 2012 for single family homes in Newton exceeded the 2005 levels. Compare Newton’s numbers to all of Massachusetts (see chart below) and the difference is marked.

This is good news for those thinking of selling a home.  If you engage an experience Listing Agent who will use all their skills and resources to present your home on the home on the right channel of the market, your property should sell quickly. The key to buying a home in this competitive market, it is  to work with a Buyer’s Agent who will prepare you so that when you find that home that feels just right, you will be ready to purchase and move in.

Newton single family homes

2012 Newton market exceeds 2005 performance

Download the complete report here 2005-2012 Newton Annual Sales Comparison

Massachusetts single family sales 2005 to 2012

Massachusetts single family sales 2005 to 2012