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Make a New Year’s resolution to dine local. Meet a friend for lunch. Get out of the office and meet a business associate for coffee. Take the kids out for a treat. Better yet, take the cook in the house out to dinner as a thank you for all those delicious home-made meals. Chosen below are just a few of my favorite stops for lunch or dinner, coffee breaks, and don’t forget dessert!

Bill's Pizzaria

Bill’s Pizza Hot from the Oven

Lunch or Casual Dinner

Bill’s Pizzeria
753A Beacon Street
Newton Centre, 617-964-1116
Bill’s is my husband’s and my favorite place to meet  for a lunch date! Great wheat and gluten free pizza. The Caesar Salad with Chicken and Amelia’s dressing is my husband’s fav.
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O'Hara's Pub

O’Hara’s Pub

O’Hara’s Pub
1185 Walnut Street
Newton Highlands, 617-965-6785
O’Hara’s Pub is my family’s favorite for supper. Friendly service, delicious burgers, pizza, and other comfort food. My son loved the BBQ Onion String Cheddar Burger, with onion rings on the side, of course.



Rox Diner

Rox Diner in Newtonville

Rox Diner
335 Walnut Street
Newtonville, 617-916-1795
Rox Diner is Newtonville’s newest spot for daytime dining.  Open for service 7 am to 4 pm. I haven’t been here yet but rave reviewers insisted I include it.


Delux Station Diner

Delux Station Diner

Deluxe Station Diner
70 Union Street
Newton Centre, 617-244-2550
Delux Station Diner has something on the menu for everyone. Greek platter, turkey tips or steak with your choice of sides, or if you like, breakfast for dinner. Experience one of the perfectly prepared classic cocktails in a retro diner ambiance. Sit in one of the giant sized booths or at the lively bar. If you’re meeting a friend for lunch, don’t miss the quieter round room in the rear.

Coffee and a Sandwich

Lincoln Street Cafe
15 Lincoln Street
Newton Highlands, 617-244-1600
Lincoln Street Cafe is the place I go when I want some quiet recharge time with my laptop. Couldn’t get any cozier and they make a fabulous grilled cheese!

L'Aroma Cafe

L’Aroma Cafe

L’Aroma Cafe & Bakery
15 Spencer Street
West Newton, 617.630.0006
My favorite stop for the breakfast special. Spacious 2nd floor can be reserved for larger events.
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Go Directly to Dessert!

Rosie's Bakery

Rosie’s Bakery Award Winning Chocolate Chip Cookies

Rosie’s Bakery
9 Boyleston Street
Chestnut Hill, 617-277-5629
Rosie’s Bakery is a local legend famous for such delights as the Chocolate Orgasm, Lemons Squares, Pies, and tarts. Don’t forget about the incredible selection of cakes and cupcakes. I am hardly impartial since this is my family business but there is nothing like a Rosie’s Chocolate Chip Cookie with a cup a coffee or glass of milk. If seeing is believing, tasting is the test here.


Coney Island Cafe

Coney Island Cafe

Coney Island Ice Cream Cafe
1284 Washington Street
West Newton, 617-559-1039
Nothing like a dish of home-made ice cream to perk up the day!

Sweet Tart

Sweet Tart Yogurt and Candy Bar

Sweet Tart Frozen Yogurt & Candy Bar
749 Beacon Street
Newton Centre, 617-332-TART (8278)
Your kids will think they went to Will Wonka heaven with the colorful fun decor.  I frequently stop by for a dish of yogurt with fresh fruit as a healthy snack. Truth be told, I add in a sprinkle of chocolate or two.


Hope you enjoy some of our local delights. Don’t forget to check My Business Directory for other great places to visit in Newton and Surround. Do you have a favorite? I’d love to hear about it.