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Beech Hill Firewood

Bruce Kolinsky, Owner, Beech Hill Firewood

On a cold winter night, nothing is better  than a burning fire in your fireplace or wood-burning stove. It warms the room and casts a warm light. For conistent good quality firewood, try Beech Hill Firewood at 617.964.5511.

Beech Hill Firewood is a full service firewood delivery company. Located in Newton, Massachusetts, Beech Hill Firewood delivers wood in the Greater Boston area. Beech Hill sells clean, hand loaded, cut split hardwoods. Typical loads contain oak, ash, maple and beech hardwoods. Standard length firewood is 16 inches to 22 inches length. All wood is well seasoned, air dried for one year or kiln dried. Since 1990, we have offered an excellent product, prompt delivery, and friendly service.  ~www.BeechHillFirewood.com

Irwin Liveryman Chimney sweep

Liverman Family Chimney Sweep

Before you light your first fire this season, be sure to have your fireplace inspected by a good chimney sweep. Read here  to see why I recommend Irwin Liverman – 617-244-6956. Read more about Irwin.

If your current home doesn’t have a fireplace to snuggle up in front of, contact me and help you find a new home that does.


Buying Home Firewood Firewood Home Storage

Buying and Storing Firewood

Knowing how to evaluate, buy, and store firewood is key to the safe, efficient operation of your fireplace, wood stove, or fireplace insert. Read

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