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Newton Lab where Newton High School Students Celebrate InnovationThe Newton’s Innovation Lab was launched with electrifying ceremony on December 7, 2010. The collaboration with schools, communities, and business involve Newton High Schools students in learning to make a better world. Students are working with new models of curriculum in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). And they are excited about it. See the video below.

“The goal is to provide students and teachers with an opportunity to innovate, implement, and scale education initiatives that are centered on real world issues and solutions.”

The Greengineers program gives students the opportunity to create studies from start to finish to discover better ways to develope alternative fuels and recycled products. Even before the new building opened, students and teachers worked under less than best conditions to product bio-diesel fuel. The primarly rule is always safety first. Read more about the Greeeningeers at www.Greengineers.wikispaces.com. Read more about The Newton North Greeningers.

The Ligerbots Team is an award winning robotics club. Students from Newton North High School, The Tigers, and Newton South High School, The Lyons, work together with the support of FIRST www.USFIRST.org, to create a robot to participate in national competitions. Read more at Ligerbots.com.

Ligerbots - Newton High Schools' Robotics Team

Ligerbots – Newton High Schools’ Robotics Team

This is a feel good story. The Newton community should be proud. This is something that gives me hope for the future.