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Colorful Rides at Newton Harvest Festival

The Harvest Fair in Newton Centre was lively and entertaining. To me, the event seemed bigger and better than in years past. It was kind of like when you are a mature adult and you go back and visit your elementary school and everything seems so little–but the opposite. Maybe because in the past, we went to the Harvest Fair when my son was little enough to spin around on the kiddie rides, eat popcorn, get his face painted and go home in time for nap.  These days, my son is a teenager and I am in a different phase of my life.  I more enjoyed peacefully meandered the tents of the fair. I browsed the crafted scarves and hand made jewelry. I caught some of the entertainment and music performed by students of the Suzuki School of Music, the Silver Newtones, and students of the Newton Youth Players. DSFJVJGW96WY

It was striking to see the many community organizations in one space. People were engaged and cheerful. I learned quite a bit and enjoyed the afternoon. These are some of the reasons why I really enjoy living in Newton.

Historic Newton

Historic Newton

Christal Lake Conservancy
Robert Fizek, Architect and Jean Artin, Volunteer, Christal Lake Conservancy
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