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Lisa Monahan, Architect Turned Artist at Newton Open Studios
Contact: info@switchgearkit.com

Combination 2Snappy SwitchGear™ Kits are Designed for Endless Possibilities!Lisa Monahan

Lisa Monahan has been working as a metalsmith for the past 15 years. She uses her creative talents tocraft beautiful jewelry andCombination3 sculptured wall art. To many her most interesting work is her line of hoops, loops and necklaces in her patent pending product called SwitchGear™ Kits. Each kit makes 100+ EarringCombinationscombinations and is a gift of creativity that keeps on giving! The earrings are light weight and comfortable and come in a variety of materials from copper, silver, gold, semiprecious stones and vintage pieces. Combinationmore One SwitchGearKitthing we can be sure of in this world is change. These clever little kits are made for todays world. Depending on what you wear or even how youCombination5 feel, you can design your earrings to suit your outfit and your mood. 😉 Snappy SwitchGear™ Kits are designed for endless possibilities.

Like many people, Lisa Monahan, has switched from her former career as architect to become a metalist,  jewelry designer, and entrepreneur.  And Lisa gives back. Every SwitchGear™ Kit sold supports survivors of domestic violence. Lisa is a ‘gem’ in our community!