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Second Appearance – a Cheerful Consignment Shop
801 Washington Street
Newtonville, MA 02460
(617) 527-7655

Everyone loves to find a bargain, a hidden gem, a designer label at a bargain price. Nothing like a new top to freshen up your wardrobe. Notice the green dress in the window–it is a designer original (I won’t say which one.) Stop in and ask proprietor, Sue Wilkin. She is friendly and full of fashion sense.

The store is well organized, artful and arranged beautifully with carefully selected pieces. Long established in the Newton community, the consignment has been in Newtonville for over 35 years. Sue has run the business for the past 8 years. Her business system is computerized with a database called ConsignPro. The way it works is when you bring in an item, Sue enters it into her system and gives you a 60 day contract. If the item is sold, the split is 60/40 with 60% going to the shop. If the item is not sold or picked up by the pickup date, it is donated to Second Step or the MSPCA. Sue Wilkin, Second AppearanceIt’s all good here.

So please do some spring cleaning. Clean out your closets. You will feel so much better. Take time to support a wonderful local business and do something nice for yourself.

Healthy local businesses are vital to our social capital. The press is constantly reminding us of the bad things that happen. Don’t loose site of the good things happening right around the corner.

This shop is a local gem. I dropped into Sue’s shop for about 15 minutes and there were quite a few smiling faces pulled in by the beautiful window display. Prosperity is a good thing and it isn’t just about the cash. Orange is the new black

“Friendship make prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it.” ~Cicero

Fabulous blouse at Second Appearance









Orange is the new black!

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