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The New High School Model!

CarpentryThe Showcase on Main Street at Newton North High School on March 2nd was an amazing array of students presenting their work to incoming 8th graders and their families. Most of the exhibits illustrated a new direction in education referred to as integrated curriculum. For example, the things you learn in a carpentry class could also be quite useful for set design in theatre arts. Stir in the required mathematics needed for building and you connect three curriculum areas. Technology is reaching into most classrooms in one way or another.

There are other useful connection happening at Newton North. The Graphic Arts Department produces most of the high quality posters for Theatre Ink (the school theatre company.) The Newtonite (school newspaper) writes about a presentation about Graphic Novels. The Library website links to the stories in the Newtonite. This is just the beginning.

I loved school but many times especially in high school I was bored to death. I know it’s a difficult world today in many ways but seems like the academics in high school is changing for the better. These kids at North that night impressed me as engaged, enthusiastic and helpful.  I’m excited for those incoming Freshman but, regardless, I would never want to relive the adolescent years!The Newtonite