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Best resource for technology consultation in Newton MA.
Tech-Tamer, Newton, MA
I cannot sing the praises loud enough about the services I have received from Tech-Tamer in Newton, MA. I have a strong background in technology training but I’m become filled with anxiety when I need to go “under the hood.” This is when I usually call Tech-Tamer, although their services include software training and consultation. Their ability to communicate to a wide range of users, from under-cover techies (like me) to computer neophytes (you know who you are) is a strength. The calm and confident approach inspires trust. Their accessibility is remarkable. Let me give you an example.

Everyone should know that technology can be a doubled edged sword. However, there are certain protocols that should be followed to avoid getting viruses, loosing data, possibly losing equipment. Everyone should use updated virus protection, back up their important data regularly, and carefully read messages and warnings when downloading content from the internet.

Tech-Tamer endorsede by Janet Porcaro

I hang my head in shame as I confess that recently in my zealous pursuit of social media madness, I allowed a Trojan (disguised virus) into my laptop. I made the classic error of simultaneously hitting the ok button while reading the warning. Horror of horrors, I immediately knew I did a bad thing.

This is the good part. I called Tech-Tamer and within a half hour I was reassured. By the end of the evening my computer was clean. Once again I could rest easy and life was good.

The folks at Tech-Tamer have invested their various talents and skills to develope a business to help people navigate the fast moving world of technology. They are up on all the best practices and technology developments including database and web site design. They can easily remotely manage your system or they can help you boost your personal skill level and they do it all with a cheerful confidence. Great people and another reason why I love living in Newton, MA.