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Map of Cape CodSummer has always been my favorite season growing up in the Greater Boston Area. Since I was a little girl, we have travelled to Cape Cod, a 65 mile long peninsula. The Cape is an easy weekend getaway although I highly recommend travelling against the flow of traffic. Surrounded by beaches and dotted with ponds, there are endless places to explore.

Although there is an outstanding 22 mile bike trail that runs through the lower Cape, I prefer to ride along the shore. Starting in Harwich Port, I navigate around enjoying the changing landscape. This trip starts in a neighborhood full of grand and gracious ocean front homes, next comes a little village of beach cottages grouped together on the sandy shore. The ride culminates at the West Dennis Beach, a beautiful mile long sanctuary for the piping plover, a protected species. Half the beach is fenced off for most of July and August making the spot particularly peaceful because there are no cars allowed. The sunset here is quite amazing because it is unusual to get such a view on the ocean side. This picture is facing away from the ocean and towards the Bass River where the sun is ready to sink. Check out the Cape Cod Chamber to learn more about the secret spots in Cape Cod.