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Doggon-it! We tried several shops but this is the only place we trust to groom the queen of our home, Murphy. Ever since she was a puppy, they beautify her with a “lamb’s cut.” Short but awfully cute without being too done like those poor show dog poodles. They consistently do a great job and clean her ears and toes. The shop is immaculate with a large picture window into the grooming room. Great pet accessories and fabulous greeting cards!

The funny thing is that Murphy loves to go for a ride in the car except when she is going to be groomed–then she shivers and shakes the entire ride. Darned if I know how she can tell when she is going to be done, but she always does. I hand her over to the groomers who coo, “Murphy, come on, it’s not so bad.” …Reminds me of dropping my son off for Kindergarten. When I pick her up, she is cute as a button and happy as a clam.

Ronda Bendyun and Jill Federman and their crew keep it cheerful. Enter their happy shop and feel the love!

556 Commonwealth Ave
Newton, MA 02459